Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What does Chiropractic Heal

by: Dr. Frankie Rodriguez
• Neck pain
• Joint pain
• Arthritis
• Back pain
• Headaches
• Asthma
• Healthy pregnancy
• Blood pressure
• Scoliosis
• Surgery prevention
Chiropractors can heal the musculoskeletal system specially the spine without surgery or drugs. We use hands on spinal manipulation and various techniques and treatments for the proper alignment of the body. Manipulation is used for curing the injuries caused by traumatic events such as falling from the stairs, sitting without a back support or repetitive stress.

Chiropractors seek to care for the general wellness of a person as well as prevention from diseases. We check every patient thoroughly to know the status of their health. Other tests and examinations like x-rays might also be conducted to know what exactly the issue is. Once the chiropractor diagnoses, he develops a treatment plan for the patient. We provide exercise recommendations, nutrition advice, and lifestyle counseling and so on. We combine the manual therapies along with the use of spinal adjustments for the treatments. Such approaches include; relaxation techniques, heat and ice, dietary supplements and electric stimulation. Our goal is to increase movement and motion in the area that the patient is complaining about and restoring optimal health.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Other than being a treatment for your mechanical disorders, Chiropractic has various other benefits. A few of these benefits are;

1. Improvement in Posture
Due to our habit of sitting in front of a computer daily, we usually get neck and back issues. Regular Chiropractic sessions can help the alignment of the curves of your spine and help you maintain a straight posture.

2. Improves Immune System
The nervous system and immune system of the body are interrelated. Chiropractic treatments remove subluxations that prevent your nervous systems from working properly. Once the nervous system starts working efficiently, it starts keeping your immune system working better as well.

3. Decreases tension
Chiropractic manipulations help maintain alignment. With proper alignment the muscles are under less tension and can relax. This, in turn, helps decrease your tension and pain in that region.

Dr. Stephen Estner is a Chiropractor in Rhode Island with office locations in Pawtucket and Cranston, Rhode Island. His offices offer chiropractic rehabilitation through acupuncture, massage therapy, and manipulation of the spine, joints, and muscles. Dr. Estner treats all spinal injuries, back pain, and symptoms including those due to automobile accidents, workplace and sports injuries, pregnancy, and provides general care and maintenance of the spine.
For more information or to schedule an appointment please visit: http://www.DrEstner.com.

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